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The Neat Company Scanner

The neat company scanner is the perfect solution for quickly scanning and processing electronic documents. The neat company scanner has an attention-grabbing design and easy-to-use features. The neat company scanner can be used to scan documents up to 18 in size. It also comes with a software included for easy use.

Neat Desk Desktop Scanner + Digital Filing System for MAC

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The neat company is a quick and easy way to keep your desk clean! Their neatdesk desktop scanner and digital filing system make digital filing easy and clean.
the neat company scanner is a digital filing system for pc and mac that allows you to easily keep your desk clean and organized. The neat company scanner offers easy users interface and can handle high-volume filing requests.
the neat company desktop scanner is the perfect way to keep your work neat and organized. With its easy-to-use keys and digital filing system, you can keep all your work in one place. The neat company is perfect for keeping your home office organized and tidy too.